Sejarah Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola's numbers as manager
13 titles won and a 70% win rate are just a few of Pep Guardiola’s stats since his took charge of FC Barcelona’s first team
Pep Guardiola started his career on the bench in 2007 when he took charge of Barça B when the team was in the Spanish Third Division. A year later, after having led the reserve side to Second Division B, the Catalan took the reins from Frank Rijkaard as the first-team manager. In his over 200 matches at the FC Barcelona helm he won 13 titles.

- Matches: 242
- Victories: 175
- Draws: 46
- Defeats: 21
- Goals scored: 618 (2,55 per match)
- Goals conceded: 178 (0,73 per match)
- Winning % : 72,31%

- Titles: 2008/09, 2009/10 and 2010/11
- Matches: 148
- Victories: 113
- Draws: 24
- Defeats: 11
- Winning % in 08-09: 71%
- Winning % in 09-10: 81,5%
- Winning % in 10-11: 78,9%
- Winning % in 11-12: 73,5%

- Titles: 2008/09
- Matches: 30
- Victories: 21
- Draws: 6
- Defeats: 3

- Titles: 2008/09 i 2010/11
- Matches: 52
- Victories: 31
- Draws: 15
- Defeats: 6

PEP GUARDIOLA: Other competitions (European Super Cup, Spanish Super Cup, Club World Cup)
- Spanish Super Cup Titles: 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12
- European Super Cup Titles: 2009/10 and 2011/12
- Club World Cup Titles: 2009/10 and 2011/12
- Matches: 12
- Victories: 10
- Draws: 1
- Defeats: 1

Honours as manager
- 2011 FIFA Best Manager of the Year
- Best manager in 2009 and 2011 according to the IFFHS
- ONZE d’Or as best European manger in 2009 and 2011
- Best LFP manager in 2009 and 2011
- World's best manager according to World Soccer in 2009 and 2011
- Royal Order of Athletic Merit 2010
- Gold medal from the Parlament de Catalunya
- 2009 Catalan of the year
- Santpedor's favourite son in 2009

The best comments by Pep Guardiola, 200 matches later

In his 200 games in charge at the club, Guardiola has always been consistent in his different comments.
Here is a selection of quotes by Josep Guardiola since he became first team manager. They reveal a lot about his way of doing things, his style and his understanding of the sport.

"I can't promise titles but I am convinced that the fans will be proud of us".
(17-06-08. Press conference on being presented as the new manager of FC Barcelona)

"I give you my word that we will put in an effort. I don't know if we'll win, but we'll persist. Put on your seat belts, because we're going to have fun".
(16-08-08. Presentation at the Camp Nou of Barça 2008/09 to the fans)

"I am very happy. It's one of the happiest days of my life. To come here and play a great game like we did is not easy. I'm excited to know that we have made so many people happy tonight. It's an immense joy".
(2-05-09. The 6-2 win against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu)

"There is no doubt that we won't let you down on Wednesday". (May 27 was the day of the Champions League Final in Rome).
(23-05-09. Celebration in Camp Nou of Liga and Copa del Rey double)

"After what we have seen in the streets of Barcelona, you can't imagine how beautiful the stadium is. I want to say three things: one, that if we have ever been made to look ridiculous that you forgive us because of what we have done this season; two, thank you to my collaborators; and three, I ask you to applaud the players. And if you'll allow me, 'we've got it here!'".
(28-05-09. Celebration the treble with the fans at the Camp Nou)

"I have to generate what I can do, give, for them to continue stimulated and having the humility to keep on winning. I have a lot of faith in my team".
(20-07-2009. First press conference of the season 2009/10)

"I always do it, but today I want to thank the players for the months they've put in. They have played very well sometimes, and the people have enjoyed that. I never forget that they are the ones who make me great".
(19-12-2009. Press conference after winning the Clubs World Cup)

"We owed the fans one for the way they treated us after we were knocked out of the Champions League".
(16-05-2010. On winning the second league in a row with 99 points)

"I want to continue doing my work well and for the people to be proud of how we do it".
(19-07-2010. First press conference of the season 2010/11)

"I once again give you my word that we'll make every effort to be successful. I ask you to get comfortable because I get the feeling that we're going to have fun once again".
(25-08-2010. Presentation to the fans of the 2010/11 team at the Camp Nou)

"We'll assume this in peace but what we won't do is not enjoy this".
"They have had a great time and that gives sense to our work".
(29-11-2010. Press conference after beating Madrid 5-0)

"I don't want to live off what I've done. There is nowhere like this, but we have to carry on winning".
(11-02-2011. First press conference after renewing his contract)

"Of course it is better to win that to lose, and you don't always win in life. We'll get over this, of course. These players have shown that many times".
(20-04-2011. Press conference after losing the final of the Copa del Rey to Real Madrid)

"I ask the people, and all the papers and radios not to be so imprudent as to believe something has been done before it's happened. We want to get to Wembley, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We'd be better off keeping calm. We haven't won the final. That was the first leg and we won 2-0. Nine European Cups, that says it all. We have to make sure we can control the atmosphere".
(27-04-2011. Press conference after beating Real Madrid 2-0 at the Bernabéu in the first leg of the Champions League semi final)

"It is a major success to have reached two Champions League finals in three years. I'm infinitely grateful to these players. I'm delighted with the way we did it".
(03-05-2011. Press conference after qualifying for the Champions League Final at Wembley)

"Now we just want to enjoy it, eat a lot, dance a lot, sing a lot... do a lot of a lot. We have to organise parties because this title warrants them. And we have time to get ready for the final in Wembley".
(11-05-2011. On winning the third Liga title out of three)

"We are happy when you win, but also with the way we did it... now we've got four, and that's a great number".
(28-05-2011. On winning the club's fourth Champions League at Wembley against Manchester United (3-1) )

"Winning is very hard, whatever the competition. And winning again is even harder. We have worked hard all this time, and that's what I'm proudest of. I give you my word that the players will make the utmost effort".
(22-08-2011. Presentation of the team at the Camp Nou before the Joan Gamper Trophy game with Napoli)

"If we get up early and have a think, believe me, we are an unstoppable country. Thank you and Long Live Catalonia".
(08-09-2011. Speech at the Parliament of Catalonia after receiving its Medal of Honour)


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